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Better Diagnoses and More Predictable Clinical Outcomes

Kitsap Oral, Maxillofacial & Dental Implant Surgery utilizes the latest and greatest technological advancements in the field of dentistry. This allows us to provide a superior level of care to patients through better diagnostics, in-depth treatment planning, and more predictable clinical outcomes. We have offices in Silverdale, Poulsbo, and Port Orchard, WA, outfitted with state-of-the-art 3D imaging technology.

Benefits of 3D Imaging for Oral Surgery

During the consultation appointment, we often take 3D scans of the head, mouth, or face, depending on your oral and maxillofacial condition. Our surgeons use these images to form a diagnosis and map out every detail of your individualized treatment plan. This technology provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Less exposure to radiation compared to traditional X-rays
  • Scans are completed in less than a few minutes
  • More detailed views of facial bones and soft tissues
  • Nerves can be detected and avoided during surgery
  • Images are viewable from virtually any angle

Intraoral Scanners

Intraoral scanners are handheld devices that your dental specialist uses to capture a digital impression of the teeth. Whereas traditional impressions are taken with messy molds and take time to harden, intraoral scanners immediately take pictures of your teeth to take a virtual impression without the need for molds or messes. A digital impression of one dental arch can be completed in five minutes or less.

X-NAV Technologies

We use X-Guide® dynamic 3D navigation software for more accurate dental implant surgery. This technology increases accuracy and precision when placing dental implants. While performing dental implant surgery, X-Guide provides turn-by-turn guidance in real-time to help oral surgeons achieve the optimal depth, angle, and position of the implant while avoiding nerves or other structures.

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