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All-on-4® Treatment Concept in Silverdale, Poulsbo, and Port Orchard, WA

Transform Your Smile in One Surgical Visit

The All-on-4 treatment concept is a life-changing opportunity to achieve a brand new, fully functioning smile in just one day. This full-arch restoration procedure, designed by Nobel Biocare, uses only four dental implant posts to support a fixed prosthesis and only requires one surgical visit.

Dr. Sukhdeep Dhaliwal, Dr. Paul Greenawalt, Dr. Thomas Curran, and Dr. Douglas Baasch offer this type of full-arch restoration treatment to patients with many missing or failing teeth, or those who wear removable dentures and seek a more convenient alternative. Contact Kitsap Oral, Maxillofacial & Dental Implant Surgery in Silverdale, Poulsbo, or Port Orchard, WA, to see how the All-on-4 treatment concept can transform your smile.

Benefits of All-on-4 Treatment Concept

There are many benefits to restoring your smile’s health, appearance, and function with the All-on-4 treatment concept, such as:

  • No dietary restrictions
  • Custom fit and appearance
  • Same-day restoration
  • No bone grafting is necessary

How Is the All-on-4 Treatment Concept Different From Dentures?

Traditional dentures rest on the bony ridge on the mouth. Patients who wear dentures must take them out when eating and brushing their teeth, which often leads to feelings of embarrassment. With the All-on-4 treatment concept, the denture is attached to four dental implant posts. Your new teeth will stay in place at all times and function just like a full set of natural teeth.

Removable dentures often slip around in the mouth and cause oral sores. They must also be replaced every few years to ensure a proper fit. With an implant-supported smile there are no moving parts, and your teeth can last for many years with proper care.

Because they rest on the bony ridge, dentures do not stimulate the jaw bone. This causes the jaw bone to deteriorate over time, which can lead to facial sagging. Because the All-on-4 treatment uses dental implants, the jaw bone receives the stimulation it needs to remain strong.

Am I a Candidate for All-on-4?

The All-on-4 treatment concept is ideal for patients in need of a new smile. This treatment uses a full-arch prosthesis designed for patients missing all of their teeth or with failing dentition. In order to undergo the procedure, you must be in good health overall. If you are healthy enough to undergo IV sedation or anesthesia for a surgical procedure, you are likely healthy enough to undergo All-on-4 surgery. Patients in better health also recover faster and have less likelihood of infection while healing.

The back implants are tilted at 45 degrees, eliminating the need for bone grafts. This means that patients with jaw bone loss can still qualify for this procedure. Our oral surgeons will evaluate your oral health during the consultation and determine if the All-on-4 treatment concept is right for you.

Types of Anesthesia

Our practice offers many types of anesthesia and sedation for your comfort.

All-on-4 Surgery: What to Expect

First, you will meet with one of our oral surgeons to evaluate your oral health and develop a custom treatment plan. We will take 3D scans of your mouth and discuss your anesthesia options. Most patients undergo IV sedation for this procedure. It will take several weeks to create your custom prosthesis and once it is ready, you will return for your oral surgery procedure. In some cases, we can perform surgery and place a temporary prosthesis for you to wear until your final teeth are ready.

The procedure for All-on-4 requires only one surgical visit. After the anesthesia takes effect, your surgeon will extract any remaining teeth in the dental arch and insert the dental implant posts. Your surgeon will attach the prosthesis to the implants and you will leave our office with a brand new smile.

It will take about 4–6 months for the implants to heal. Once healed, you will return to our office for a follow-up visit so we can make sure the prosthesis fits properly and feels comfortable.

Hear From Full-Arch Restoration Patients

These patients can tell you about their firsthand experience undergoing full-arch restoration at our office.

Reviews From Our Full-Arch Restoration Patients

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Carolyn Reviews Her Full-Arch Restoration Procedure

Watch Review

"Hi, my name is Carolyn and I'm from Seabeck and I came to Kitsap OMS for a full arch. The staff here is incredibly nice. They're not only just warm and friendly, they're also they want to help you. The doctors here were really inspiring, and they were happy to explain everything in detail to me. Made me feel really confident. The procedure went really, really well, and it was fast and my recovery was so easy. My quality of life has improved a lot. It's incredibly nice. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend Kitsap OMS. They are the very best."

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